STIB/MIVB innovates jobsite with REMSIS technology and achieves amazing results

Posted on June 01, 2014

The STIB / MIVB has improved its employer brand. Thanks to a thorough renewal of their jobsite, the famous Belgian Transportation Company attracts 1000 visitors each day of which 1 on 5 really applies for a specific job. “An amazing result for these first months” according to Johan Claes (Employer Branding & Sourcing Manager of the STIB / MIVB). The STIB / MIVB emphasizes with this project their innovative and supporting character in the Belgian technological development area.

The transportation company is the largest employer in the Brussels Capital Region. “But attracting the right profiles remains a challenge”, says Johan Claes. “ The STIB/MIVB is mainly in need of technical skilled people, and these are hard to find”.

They are looking for 600 motivated employees in 2014 and a good jobsite can help them in this quest. Juan Staes (CEO YOU Consulting): “As an IT Company, we know that a clear and state of the art jobsite is crucial to find those talents for your company. When the administrative process of applying is too cumbersome, some applicants drop out and the company might miss out on them”. YOU Consulting and STIB / MIVB joined forces and jointly developed a new career site. The career platform runs on REMSIS, which reduced heavily the number of pages and replaced it by a limited number of easy to use buttons. “This enables an applicant to apply for a job in 4 clicks. Beforehand an applicant needed first to create a profile and then click at least 3 times more before he could finalize his application”.

A battle won in the war for talent

The STIB/MIVB is very happy with the result. Johan Claes “Finding the right people for us is extremely important and an efficient jobsite help us with that. With 20% of the visitors applying effectively for a job, we hope to fill our vacancies much faster.”   STIB/MIVB plays important role in innovation in Belgium The STIB/MIVB illustrates with this project that it dares to innovate and it has the right competences in house to make it happen. The intense collaboration with YOU Consulting was needed to have the contemporary jobsite communicate with the back-end system (SAP e-Recruiting) in such a way that it allows a smooth processing of thousands of applications each month.

What is the solution about

REMSIS is an advanced usability platform to attract and serve candidates on a company’s jobsite. In 2011, together with usability experts from Namahn and some of their key SAP e-recruiting customers, YOU Consulting developed a design to create the ideal jobsite experience. The goal set forward was to develop this interface as simple, intuitive and collaborative as possible. This resulted in a process design of the ‘ideal candidate user experience’. In 2012, the solution was built on a Ruby on Rails environment fully integrated with the SAP Backend System. The solution combines the strength of an ERP backbone with the flexibility of use of an open source content management system. As a result, the recruiter himself can decide how the jobsite of his company looks like.

Main features of the solution:

  • Flexible site administration for recruiters to apply employer branding
  • Software As A Service Licensing Model
  • Fully responsive, ready-to-run on iPad, iPhone or Android Devices
  • Browser agnostic, meaning it can run on all modern Internet Browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  • Plug and play
  • Job Sharing to Social Media recruiting channels (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,…)
  • Automated CV upload from LinkedIn
  • Reporting from Google Analytics
  • Multi Language
  • Advanced Security Options
  • Runs on a hosted, cloud or on premise platform

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