​Creating a stable environment, support by SAP technology, to run your business processes is one of the core activities at YOU Consulting.

We deliver services in the field of application development, application management and support; making sure you applications are stable and well supported for the long-term.


Although SAP standard technology deliver a very extensive basis and best practices; SAP also delivers and extensive framework and tools to make sure the solution delivers exactly what a company expects from an advanced business technology. YOU Consulting’s team of application developers deliver custom solutions built on different frameworks and technologies (such as Netweaver, Ruby, Java, PHP, …) to give the user exactly what he needs and when he needs it, any time, on any location and on any device.


Next to the designing and building of new business technology, YOU delivers professional application management services.

These day-to-day services include technical and functional activities to deal with incidents and problems, and to keep the systems running in a performant way.

Technical services included in these activities are corrective as well as pro-active; as there are: analysing dumps, restoring systems, performance monitoring, tuning, performing technical upgrades…

The functional corrective services will mainly concentrate on failing transactions, batch flows, interfaces.

YOU will also provide improvements to existing functionalities: modifications of existing functionalities, new developments introduction of legal enhancements. These services are provided on a planned basis and follow a clear change and service management process.


Our service desk delivers first and second line local and global remote support to most of our customers via a dedicated communication platform, a service hotline and is managed by our dedicated Service Delivery Manager. Call 03/216.92.00 or mailto: